About EVAL™ / Benefits of EVAL™ use

Benefits of EVAL™ use

Preserving food quality

Thanks to its superior gas barrier properties, EVAL™ is mainly used as functional barrier in food packaging applications. Keeping oxygen out, an EVAL™ layer preserves the flavour and the quality of the food. Even in cases where the food is more stable or specially treated, such as baby milk, EVAL™ barrier properties are used to protect sensitive vitamin content.

Protecting the environment

The advantage of the excellent gas barrier properties of EVAL™ resins implies that smaller quantities of raw materials (e.g. plastic) can be used without any loss of performance and protection capacity. As a result, the packaging is lighter in weight and does not contain chemicals that cause harm to the environment. Moreover, scrap containing EVAL™ can be recovered and recycled.

Plastic fuel tanks are safe and light in weight, which results in a much better fuel economy. By including an EVAL™ layer, plastic fuel tanks have a highly effective barrier against fuel vapour permeation, ensuring that they meet the most stringent international emission standards.
A lot of major automobile manufacturers around the world have already made the change from monolayer plastic and metal to more ecological multilayer plastic fuel tanks with EVAL™.

Safeguarding the home

EVAL™ is widely used for under-floor heating systems in domestic and commercial buildings. Its barrier properties prevent oxygen from dissolving into the circulating hot water and thereby corroding the metal parts in the heating element. Multilayer pipes containing an internal protective barrier layer of EVAL™ meet the strict building standards and can provide a flexible and easy to install alternative to metal pipes.

Resisting industrial chemicals

EVAL™ resins and films resist oils and chemical agents, making them particularly suitable for packaging organic solvents, agricultural pesticides and all kinds of oils while keeping all the advantages of plastics. As a result, plastic containers with an EVAL™ layer allow for the safe handling of solvents and other chemical substances while protecting their integrity.

European, EC Directive and FDA Compliance

EVAL™ resins comply with the strict hygienic regulations of many European countries and with the EC Directive for food packaging. EVAL™ resins and films have also been approved for use in direct food contact, indirect or multilayer food contact and for retort applications under the Food and Drug Administration regulations in the USA.