About EVAL™ / EVAL™ monolayer film


EVAL™ monolayer film for lamination

EVAL™ film is a monolayer film made by Kuraray in Japan, composed of either F-type or E-type EVAL™ resins. It can be easily laminated to other materials.  Depending on the application requirements, it can be used as either the surface, interior or sealing layer.  

Several grades exist with different properties, depending on the EVAL™ type, orientation and surface treatment.

Film type Film grade Properties Typical use/application
Oriented type EF-XL High barrier Food, Non-food, Medical and pharma
Cast type EF-F High barrier Food, Non-food, Medical and pharma,
Deep-draw moulding
Cast type EF-E Thermoformable Food, Non-food, Medical and pharma,
Deep-draw moulding, Barrier sealing
Metallised type VM-XL Exceptionally high barrier Industrial use
Pre-coated type HF-M Suitable for wallpaper Stain-resistant, durable wallpaper

Typical applications:

Food packaging

Non-food packaging

Vaccum insulation panels for home appliances and construction (read more here)

Wallpaper (read more here)

Reliable barrier properties

EVAL™ film is resistant to stress cracking, and its barrier properties are not affected by the stress and strain of converting, filling and transportation/storage.EVAL film advantages

stretching during lamination       filling process (top seal)    vacuum food process        no stress crack