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Building and Construction

Use energy more efficiently. Protect living spaces against radon and other gases. Protect the environment against leakage and emissions. EVAL™ barrier adds function throughout the construction site.

EVAL™ barrier performance against hydrocarbon VOCs

EVAL™ provides an exceptional barrier against hydrocarbon permeation, providing performance many thousand times better than the same thickness of HDPE . "Fuel C" is a automotive fuel composed of 50% isooctane 50% toluene, which is often used as a reference fuel for hydrocarbon barrier testing. EVAL™ F (32mol%) is currently the standard reference around the world for automotive fuel systems. EVOH is the only plastic that meets strict international permeation standards for hydrocarbon fuel vapor.  

This same barrier performance can be added to geomembranes used in tar sand and other petrochemical production and industrial sites, protecting the surrounding soil and groundwater against contamination from hydrocarbons.

Fuel C permeation

oil sand tailings

Liners for oil sand tailings

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