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Building and Construction

Use energy more efficiently. Protect living spaces against radon and other gases. Protect the environment against leakage and emissions. EVAL™ barrier adds function throughout the construction site.

EVAL™ barrier performance against VOCs

Although standard barrier liners may provide an effective barrier against heavy metals and liquids, they show relatively poor performance against VOCs (volatile organic compounds).  These materials can easily migrate into the surrounding environment, accumulating in the soil and groundwater. This may pose a health hazard over time, and require expensive remediation if the land is later converted to another use. An EVAL™ layer in select geomembrane structures sharply reduces the amount of migrating VOCs like BTEX, offering a barrier at equal thickness significantly better than that of PE.VOC barrier

landfill liner heap leach mining

Barrier liners for landfill sites                      Barrier liners for heap leach mining


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