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Medical and Pharmaceutical

Protect pharmaceutical integrity, extend shelf life.

Parenteral nutrition

EVAL™’s largest use world-wide is for food packaging. Since 1972, EVAL™ has helped reduce food waste by blocking oxygen ingress and contaminants, extending shelf life and avoiding product waste.

EVAL™ provides the functional gas and contamination barrier to the entire structure. The result has often been a reduction in packaging waste by reducing the weight and amount of packaging materials used, without compromising on function.  

EVAL™ barrier properties avoid vitamin and fat oxidation, extending shelf life of parenteral nutrition. Compared to standard plastic packaging, additive content can be guaranteed for longer, even while reducing the necessary doses.

bag multi fibre


EVAL™ barrier can be added to many different types of light weight, unbreakable and halogen-free all-plastic packaging, improving safety in use and reducing environmental impact.