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Pre-insulated pipe

Extend the insulation efficiency and service life of heating and cooling systems, by adding EVAL™ barrier to pre-insulated pipe.

Improved performance with EVAL™


Decreasing insulation efficiency

The insulation efficiency of PUR foam decreases over time as air permeates in and cell gasses permeate out of the pipe structure, increasing thermal conductivity.

PIP performance no barrier

Oxygen permeation can also lead to oxidative degradation of the PUR-foam insulation itself.

This reduces the adhesion between the PUR-foam and inner pipe, weakening the structure and compromising the mechanical integrity of the entire pipe system.


Maintained efficency and improved performance with EVAL™

PIP performance with EVAL™

With EVAL™ the insulation efficiency of the PUR foam is maintained, avoiding an increase in thermal conductivity.

Oxygen ingress that can degrade the PUR-foam insulation is also sharply reduced.

EVAL™ provides good adhesion to the PUR-foam without additional surface treatement.

3-layer casing

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