Applications / Wallpaper / Chemical barrier and odour resistance


EVAL™ film adds stain and odour resistance to wallpaper, providing an easy-to-clean surface for home and public interiors. EVAL™ barrier blocks the release of PVC plasticisers into the living environment

Chemical barrier against PVC plasticiser migration

PVC wallpapers typically contain DOP and other plasticisers, that can migrate out of the wallpaper and into the living enviroment. EVAL™ is usually used for its exceptional gas and chemical barrier properties, and effectively blocks this chemical migration.

Tests have shown this barrier to be even more effective than PVC wallpapers coated with fluoropolymers.

wallpaper plasticiser barrier


Resistance against odour absorption

EVAL™ also resists the absorption of odours, keeping the living environment both cleaner and fresher-smelling.e

wallpaper reduced odour absorption


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