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Working at Kuraray: Our Values


Innovation is in our genes. Development is driven by our technological know-how, and brought to new markets around the world.  Kuraray remains the world leader in several key technologies, including . EVAL™ EVOH (ethylene vinyl-alcohol copolymers) produced at our regional site near Antwerp.

Aiming higher

Each day, more than 70 employees are directly involved, triggered and challenged by a complex but state-of-the-art production process.  30 more employees conceive and develop new opportunities, creating completely new applications and markets in close collaboration with our clients.

Customer focused

Our employees take our technology to new markets by working closely with our customers.  Over 40 years of continued rapid growth has been the visible result.  Our technical and commercial teams help our customers create new value, developing  products that make them leader in their own fields.


We are a close team of uniquely talented individuals.  Our organisation has a no-nonsense and hands-on culture, with an informal but very professional work climate and 'open door policy'.  Our continuous investment in training and development of our employees are strongly appreciated.

Global Teamwork

Our employees share information and focus on common goals, in close contact with a rapidly evolving market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  Working with colleagues in Japan, Asia and America, the culture within our organization is based on mutual trust, always in an international context.

Every day we inject motivation, culture and pride, with the aim of a strong and committed partnership between our employees and customers.

Our team? Enthusiastic, talented en passionate co-workers.

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