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EVAL™ EVOH monolayer film for lamination

3 January 2017

EVAL™ EVOH is well known around the world as a high performance plastic with exceptional gas, chemical and odour barrier properties. However, when people think of EVAL™, it's usually in resin (pellet) form, processed on either coextrusion or coinjection equipment.

In addition to EVAL™ EVOH resin, Kuraray is the world's only producer of monolayer EVOH film.
EVAL™ film is sold on rolls, ready for processing on standard lamination equipment.

It is thus possible to add EVOH barrier perfomance to virtually any lamination substrate. The lamination process makes it even easier to produce special structures like barrier sealant layers, where the EVAL™ film provides good sealing, contact chemical resistance, AND high barrier properties to the entire structure.

barrier sealant

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