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EVAL™ EVOH resin price increase announcement

8 November 2018

As the world-wide market leader for EVOH development and sales, Kuraray continues to supply EVAL™ resin from Europe's largest production site.  EVAL Europe N.V. started with a production capacity of 10,000T in 1999, which after the most recent expansion in 2017, now stands at 35,000T/year.

Our team of specialists assist product and market development with support from our European Technical Centre near Antwerp, Belgium.

Key raw material prices have increased rapidly in 2018.  As a result, EVAL Europe N.V. is announcing a price increase for all EVAL™ EVOH resin grades of 0.20 €/kg, effective December 1, 2018 or as contracts allow.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please contact your sales representative for clarification.


About Kuraray

Founded in 1926, Kuraray Co., Ltd is a world leader in specialty chemicals, polymers, fibers and textiles. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Kuraray has over 9,000 employees worldwide

Kuraray has been manufacturing and marketing ethylene vinyl-alcohol copolymers (EVOH) under the name EVAL™ since 1972, and remains the world leader in EVOH production and market development. EVAL™ is one of Kuraray's core businesses and is produced globally in Europe, America and Asia-Pacific. The sales and technical development of EVAL™ is supported by specialised local teams in each region.

In Europe Kuraray operates the region's largest EVOH production site, with a capacity of 35,000 tons per year in Zwijndrecht (Antwerp), Belgium.