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Our mission

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We are committed to developing new fields of business using pioneering technology that improves the environment and enhances the quality of life throughout the world.

For people and the planet - to achieve what no one else can

Our values

- Respect for individuals
- Close cooperation to attain shared goals
- Constant creation of new value

Guiding principles
- Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do
- Customers' needs are our top priority
- We act on ideas in the workplace

Our Commitment

- We will constantly develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services
- We will maintain a sound relationship with society through good communication.
- We will strive to preserve and improve the global environment, and to secure safety and health in all our workplaces.

- We will value all members of the Kuraray community and respect their rights.
- We will always conduct businesses in a free, fair and transparent manner.
- We will honour all intellectual property and secure data and information in a proper manner.