Although they are not EVAL™ EVOH products, PLANTIC™ and KURARISTER™ films and GENESTAR™ PA9T are commercialised in Europe by development teams based at Kuraray's EVAL Europe N.V. site in Antwerp, Belgium.  PLANTIC™ and KURARISTER™ offer new possibilities for barrier food packaging, while GENESTAR™ rounds out our product portfolio for Automotive.


Kuraray acquired Plantic Technologies Ltd. of Australia in 2015.  EVAL™ EVOH is used to provide food packaging with barrier properties, reducing environmental impact through versatile optimised structure design. PLANTIC™ is itself composed of up to 80% renewable materials, and used primarily for high barrier trays and skin packs. This ready-to-use structure offers a direct reduction in the food packaging material's environmental footprint.

A wide selection of PLANTIC™ grades are available depending on the application requirements. PLANTIC™ does not contain plasticisers, compete with food streams or contain GMO plant sources.

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KURARISTER™ is a transparent high-barrier retortable film developed by Kuraray Co. Ltd.

As a complement to EVAL™, KURARISTER™ can be easily reverse printed and laminated to sealing layers in order to make transparant and retortable high barrier stand-up pouches and other food packaging. Since it uses a polymeric barrier coating, KURARISTER™ withstands flexing, folding and stretching during processing and distribution. KURARISTER™ retains its excellent barrier properties and transparency even after retort treatment.

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Genestar (test)

GENESTAR™ is a proprietary polyamide resin developed by Kuraray Co. Ltd.

This synthetic resin is highly resistant to heat, water, and abrasion, yet easily moulded. GENESTAR is widely used in connectors for electronic and electrical devices such as personal computers, digital cameras, and mobile telephones.  Its use for technical automotive parts is also increasing rapidly.

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