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REACH Compliance for EVAL™

What is REACH?

REACH (Registration, Evaluation,  Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), also known as directive
EC 1907/2006, is a registry system for all chemical products used and sold in European Union countries. The intent is to make sure chemical products and their uses within the European Union arefully understood.

What must be registered?

Polymers like EVAL™ are exempt.  However, the monomers or other chemically bound substances used as building blocks of the polymer must be officially registered under certain conditions.

When is registry mandatory?

The rules are sometimes different by category of product.  But in general, if a component makes up>2% of the final product and more than 1 MT of the material is used within a one year period, it must be registered.

Who must register the different chemical components?

For polymers made in the European Union:   the manufacturer 
For polymers made outside the European Union:  the importer of the polymer.

Kuraray's REACH compliance service

EVAL™ made in the European Union
EVAL™ EVOH is produced in the European Union, at our EVAL Europe nv site in Antwerp, Belgium. For this production we will happily provide the necessary documentation to certify that EU-made EVAL™ is fully compliant with REACH regulations.

EVAL™ made in the USA or in Japan
For special developmental products, or for security of supply, it is occasionally necessary for Kuraray to import to EU countries EVAL™ produced our plants located in the USA and in Japan.

As all importers must do individually for the products they import, Kuraray has completed the many steps necessary for the legal import of EVAL™ resins into the European Union. We can  thus also supply the necessary documentation to certify that EVAL™ made in Japan or the USA, imported by EVAL Europe nv into the EU, is also fully compliant with REACH regulations.

For more information, or to receive REACH compliance documentation for EVAL™, please kindly contact our product steward team at:

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