EVAL™ Processing / Lamination (for EVAL™ monolayer film)

EVAL™ Monolayer Film lamination

Kuraray is the world's only producer of monolayer EVOH films, composed of 100% EVAL™ EVOH.  Sold on rolls, EVAL™ monolayer film is commonly used as an intermediate functional barrier layer in multilayer laminated films.

Bioriented and even metallized EVAL™ film grades add superior barrier properties for both specialised food packaging and industrial applications.  Some grades can also be used as a barrier sealant, providing both barrier properties and contact chemical resistance and anti-scalping properties.

Typical processing conditions for EVAL™ monolayer film lamination

Typical Dry Lamination process

Typical dry lamination line

Typical Extrusion Lamination Process

Typical extrusion lamination line