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Coextrusion coating in multilayer pipes

The plastic pipes that are used for floor heating systems are mostly made of polybutene (PB), polypropylene (PP) or (cross-linked) polyethylene (PE or PEX) and can be combined with EVAL™ resins to obtain multilayer pipes with improved oxygen barrier properties to avoid the corrosion of the metal parts in the heating element.

Plastic pipes coated with an EVAL™ layer meet the strict building standards for oxygen permeation as for instance the DIN 4726 in Germany, which allows a maximum oxygen gas transmission rate of 0.1g/m³ per day at 40°C or less.

Multilayer pipes can also be produced by inline coextrusion process as described in a separate document.

The EVAL™ resins for coextrusion coating

Several types of EVAL™ resin can be coextruded into multilayer tubes or pipes. The material will be chosen based on the processing considerations, the final required properties or the dimension of the final product. The EVAL™ FP101B, FP104B and EP105B resins are the suitable materials to produce multilayer pipes providing barrier and long-term and thermal stability. The improvement of the flexibility that is required for some tubing applications can be obtained by using the EVAL™ EP105B instead of the EVAL™ FP101B or the EVAL™ FP104B.

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Ethylene Content






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