EVAL™ Properties / Barrier to Aroma Permeation

Barrier to Aroma Permeation

EVAL™ provides an aroma barrier for use in food and cosmetic packaging and for the packaging of agricultural chemicals.

It is important that food keeps its "first-day-freshness" taste. The food must be protected from outside aromas entering the package while the aromas of the food itself are kept inside the package.

For highly aromatic and valuable cosmetic products, such as perfumes, it is important that the aromas are retained in the package and that they cannot escape into the surrounding environment.

Chemical products, such as agricultural chemicals or insecticides, can be highly aromatic and must be well protected to retain their effectiveness.

An EVAL™ layer provides an excellent barrier against the permeation of aromas. EVAL™ helps assure that the packaged product retains its value and effectiveness all the way to the consumer.