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The Save Food Initiative

Kuraray is a proud sponsor of the Save Food Initiative, founded in 2011 by Messe Düsseldorf of Gemany and the United Nations Food and Agricultural organisation (FAO).  "Save Food" felt like a perfect fit for EVAL™ EVOH. Since the very beginning in 1972, EVAL™ has been used to add barrier function to food packaging, prolonging shelf life and avoiding waste.

The majority of EVAL™ applications world-wide are still designed to shield food from oxygen and outside contamination, or to maintain MAP gas mixtures inside food packaging. New trends focus on food safety, such as the protection against MOSH/MOAH mineral oil migration into food from recycled paperboard packaging.

The result is the preservation of vitamins and food quality, combined with a reduction in both food and packaging waste.

The benefits of EVAL™ function can be found througout the food product life cycle. A few key examples:

- TIF mulch films help increase production yields in the field, while reducing the amount of fumigants necessary and protecting workers and nearby communitites. 

- Food packaging with EVAL™ extends shelf life in reliable light-weight plastic structures that also make processing and distribution more efficient.

- UHT milk pouches offer effective protection against oxygen and outside contamination without cold chain, yet offer an affordable packaging alternative with sharply reduced packaging waste.

Click below for more information about the Save Food Initiative:Save Food Initiative Save Food Initiative Brochure